Lorenzo Turconi - English to Italian Games Translator About me

When they ask to describe myself in few words, I like to say that
“I’m a gamer that translates games for other gamers”

My gaming career started in 1985 with a Commodore 64 and after that I played on any possible platform, till the new iOS/Android tablets and the next generation consoles. I guess this is important to be a games translator, because you know perfectly the gaming terminology, you know very well the games targets, you can imagine how the texts will be in the game and you can do the best choices in every situation. I started to work in the gaming industry in 1998 and I’m a Freelance Games Translator from 2004. More than 15 years of experience in this industry and 12 in gaming localization, enough to know very well all the gaming terms and the usual localization issues.

Enough to offer you the four most important features:


More than 10 years of experience as Games Translator

Perfect knowledge of gaming terminology and all the gaming localization issues.

Hundreds of games translated

Millions of words translated and proofread. But also thousands of games played.

I never missed a deadline!

I’m a full time translator available every day, and, if necessary, also during weekends and holidays, without any extra fee.

Perfect knowledge of all different games genres

I worked with any possible game genre: MMORPG, RPG, JRPG, adventure, simulation, racing, FPS, action, action-adventure, strategy, sport, TCG, casual, etc.


My entire working career is in the gaming industry and for me video games are not only a work but also a passion.


I have different hobbies and interests, from photography to motorsports, movies, TV series, documentaries, etc. And this is very helpful to complete any kind of project.


I deliver every project in time within the indicated deadline. I never missed a deadline! Also, I’m available to do a free LQA testing after a project translation.


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